Dudley Music Festival

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Posted By: Colin Chandler
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Date Posted: Tue, 8 Mar 2022

What a great boost for  us..winning two trophies for the second consecutive time.. at the Dudley Festival of Music, Drama and Dance on 5th March 2022.

To win the Barbershop Trophy we started with our new  upbeat number "My Girl" followed by an old favourite  "Nevertheless".

The judge remarked :

1. On  My Girl that it was "fun and engaging", with "everyone 100% committed and a real team effort". She said it was "varied and full of surprises and the humour was effective and drew the audience in".

2. On Nevertheless: "A lovely contrast to the first song. Diction was particularly good. Ensemble was very good , too. Rhythm is your strength"

Her overall assessment was " a very effective and enjoyable performance"
and she  gave us a Commended with a mark of 83 out of 100.

To win the Eva P{reece Cup in  class of Singing for Pleasure, we presented the lovely ballad ,Georgia,and ended with our new upbeat song,  "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

1. On Georgia, the judge said we made " a lovely warm sound with breathing very managed indeed".

2. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, she said , was " a rhythmic and energetic performance with a good blend of sound. All parts were well balanced and there was great forward momentum throughout."

For these, the judge gave us a High Merit with a mark of 84 saying :
"Fantastic - keep up the good work!"

We're thrilled to back in competitions again with such great comments after two years absence courtesy of Covid 19 .