About Vale Harmony

Vale Harmony is an A Cappella chorus of easy-going men who like to sing.

The A Cappella Fellas, as we like to call ourselves, sing in festivals, competitions and a whole range of charity fund-raising events in Worcestershire and beyond.

We meet every Wednesday  night at the St Andrews Centre  in Pershore  to rehearse our repertoire of entertaining songs.
If you would like to be an  A Cappella Fella, we're always eager to welcome new members whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s.

We realise there are many pressures on your time but a hobby that is fun... and good for your health... is highly recommended!

Men often think they can't sing... or fear they will embarrass themselves in front of others...but don't worry about that. You'll be surprised what you can achieve and you're never under any obligation.


Q. What sort of songs do Vale Harmony sing?

A. Historically, we are rooted in the four-part, close-harmony of Barbershop singing but we now have a wider
repertoire of four-part singing in harmony. Find "Repertoire" on our drop-down menus to see exactly what we do.

Q.  Are you a mixed chorus?

A. No. We are a male voice choir with four singing parts Tenor, Lead, Baritone and Bass.

Q. If I can't read music can I still sing with you?

A. Absolutely. We learn songs from the sheet music but you soon pick up the words and notes by singing collectively so you get to know them off by heart. We also provide teach tracks which you can learn from at your own leisure.

Q. Do you have to pay per session?

A. No. We are not pay as you sing. You can come along absolutely free and after three weeks if you then fancy joining us, we give you an  audition. When you become a member there is a small quarterly membership fee of £50.

Q. Do you sing just for fun?

A. We do enjoy our singing and we do have fun with great camaraderie but we also take our singing seriously so that we can take part in formal competitions and sing in public for charitable events.

Q. You are based in Pershore but can I sing with you if I don't live in Pershore?

A. Absolutely. We have members in Malvern, Droitwich, Cheltenham, Evesham, Solihull, Wyre Piddle, Rous Lench, Abbots Morton, Fladbury, Besford, and Pinvin. If you're in Warwickshire we're still only a short distance away from Alcester and Studley.

Q. How do I become an A Cappella Fella?

A.  Call our PRO Colin Pemberton or send him an e-mail at:
pro@valeharmony.co.uk  or you can just drop in to the St Andrew's Centre in Pershore (opposite Pershore Abbey) on a Wednesday night at 7.00pm.


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